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About Me

Dollar DIYs author Lindi

Hi! Welcome to Dollar DIYs!

My name is Lindi, and I am the author and creator behind Dollar DIYs. I’ve been creating and sharing dollar store DIY projects for years, both online and offline.

I am also an Interior Designer and a lover of all things DIY and design. Beautiful designs in home decor, organization, or holiday decor are often on the expensive side. I love transforming affordable pieces into beautiful, high end looking decor, that you wouldn’t believe was from the dollar store!

Dollar DIYs author family

I live in Canada with my husband and 3 children. My husband and I have been DIYing and renovating our homes for over 10 years, always on a budget. We share all of our projects on our blog, Lindi & Russ, and on our YouTube channel, Lindi & Russ.

Thanks for joining me here! I hope you find some inspiration.