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8 Dollar Store DIY Tools Worth Buying (And a few to avoid!)

Do you frequent the dollar store? We love going there! I buy 90% of my kids’ craft supplies there, almost all of their stocking stuffers, and a ton of my own DIY supplies! I’ve been skeptical about buying most of my dollar store DIY items or tools from the dollar store because well…. dollar store quality, right?! You can’t always trust it! I don’t want pieces of my paint brushes left of my canvas, But there are a few items we have bought again and again that I would recommend paying dollar store prices for instead of hardware store prices!

I wanted to highlight these items because there are a a few that many people I talk to don’t know are available at the dollar store, and there are a few that I always buy because I find the quality good enough for my standards (which are high!).

8 Dollar Store DIY Items Worth Buying:

  1. Paint Brushes – Most of the time when you paint, you need to go back and use the same brush over and over for multiple coats. These brushes will definitely last through those projects.
  2. Foam Brushes – I use foam brushes for all of my painting crafts (like this glue project!). And when most people throw them away, I wash them and use them again! lol. That $1 lasts a whole year for me!
  3. Putty Knives – These knives are so versatile, not just for puttying holes! I use them guys when doing flooring, holder straight lines with vinyl, fixing small painting errors, etc.
  4. Plastic Storage Containers – You can pay a LOT more for one of these little guys at the hardware store. It’s a great way to organize your different hardware or small DIY supplies.
  5. Gloves – Again, these safety gloves can cost a lot at the hardware store, but the dollar store version lasts a surprisingly long time!
  6. Paint Trays – Did you know you can buy these trays at the dollar store?? They work just as well and hold paint just as well!
  7. Foam Rollers – Whenever I’m painting canvases or furniture, I use these small foam rollers (like this shelf and like this vanity). Rollers always provide a smoother finish than brushes, and even the dollar store ones work well. I have had a few issues with the rollers being loose and not fitting on the handle nicely, but it’s rare and they come in a two pack! So you’re only loosing 50 cents if you get a dud.
  8. Drop Sheets – If you do a lot of painting, you can go through a lot of these – especially painting entire rooms. It’s definitely worth buying a few at this price!

And then… there are a few things we have tried out and would NOT recommend buying for the cheaper price tag!

4 Dollar Store DIY Items to Avoid:

  1. Glue – Even when it comes to craft glue for my kids, I don’t use the dollar store ones. They just don’t stick! Don’t waste your dollar!
  2. Sanding Paper – Unless you want to sand for hours and hours, go through 10 and still not get a great result, I recommend passing on the dollar store paper or sanding blocks.
  3. Tools – Any tools! These cheap versions are ok for use in emergencies, but if you want something to last more than a few times, invest in the good stuff. It could be a safety risk too if the tools aren’t up to standard!
  4. Batteries – Batteries from the dollar store can be weak and/or leak. Trust the well-known brands here.

Thanks Dollar DIYs