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DIY Minimalist Shelf

Easy Dollar Store DIY Minimalist Shelf! Make this simple dollar tree shelf in minutes for extra storage for your office space!

It’s the season of organization! I’m combining a few of my favourite things – dollar stores, DIYs, and minimalist design – to share my newest project. Today I’m sharing a quick and easy DIY I did for an office space that made for great organization, and functional storage, with a small price tag.

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How to Make your DIY Minimalist Shelf

Materials Needed

  • Dollar store set of organization boxes (2 sets of 3 boxes)
  • White paint
  • Drill
  • Screws

Step-by-step Tutorial for your DIY Minimalist Shelf

This minimalist shelf project is very quick and affordable. It’s actually more of a hack than a DIY. It involves these 2 sets of 3 organization boxes from the dollar store. What we will be doing is using these boxes to create a nice thin shelf for the wall.

First paint all the pieces white. This means removing all of the boxes and painting them separately, and then painting the outer boxes too.

I painted them a white colour that was very similar to the wall colour so that they would blend into the surrounding and look more minimal and modern, but you could paint them any colour, or even stain them as they are made of pine!

Then screw the back box into the wall, making sure that the boxes are sitting level. I did two boxes side-by-side to extend the length of the shelf. Finally, put the small, painted boxes back into the large boxes and your storage shelf is complete.

Our Finished Minimalist Shelf

I absolutely love how sleek and minimal this looks. It blends into the surroundings, but also provides a very functional way to desplay items.

This project is so easy to do, and it provides some extra storage for your study space or office – the perfect sized boxes for those little office supplies!

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