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DIY Velvet Pumpkins [from dollar store supplies!]

DIY Velvet Pumpkins made from dollar store supplies! Learn how to make your own fall velvet pumpkins with this easy tutorial!

modern velvet pumpkins with text reading "DIY Velvet pumpkins"

Fall has always been my favourite season. I love to add fall touches in my home, but over the years, I’ve become more and more selective about what I display. I’ve seen a lot of little velvet pumpkins in stores, but never wanted to pay the price tag. This year I made my own DIY velvet pumpkins and could not be happier with them.

dollar tree pumpkins

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You can find little dollar store pumpkins like this every year! They always look very fake, lol. Some are plastic, but these ones were foam. Either way I would never display these, lol. But they were a great jumping off point for a DIY project!

dollar store velvet

Then I found these velvet sheets! Our local Dollarama had them in the shelves and I had them in my cart immediately. Velvet pumpkins have been around for a while, but now I had a way to make mine for only $3 each.

If your dollar store doesn’t have the velvet, you can also buy a small 1/2 yard from your local fabric store.

spray painting pumpkins

My dollar store velvet was a bit see through, so my first step was to spray paint everything white so that the orange colour didn’t show through.

DIY velvet pumpkin tutorial

After they were spray painted, I took off the stems, and used a pair of scissors to dig into the top of the pumpkin and pull out some excess foam to make room for the velvet that will get tucked in.

You may wrap your pumpkins and find you still don’t have enough room for the excess fabric. If that happens, just unravel and remove some more foam.

how to make velvet pumpkins

I cut my velvet into a square around the pumpkin, making sure there was enough space on each side to wrap up the entire pumpkin.

cutting velvet for pumpkins

Next, I cut the corners off of the fabric square, so that I had a little less lose fabric to try and tuck into the pumpkin.

DIY velvet pumpkins

When you’re ready, start at one side and slowly wrap the velvet up the pumpkin, tucking it into the top. You can see exactly how I did this in the video below.

I also removed the stems and painted them brown to blend into the colour palette better.

Our Fall Dollar Store DIY Projects Video

If you want to see how we made these DIY velvet pumpkins, or how we made three more dollar store DIYs for fall, check out our video tutorial below!

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Finished DIY Velvet Pumpkins

I LOVE these! I’m all about minimal decor during holiday seasons, and the four little pumpkins I made are the perfect added touch to make any shelf feel festive.

finished diy velvet pumpkins

finished diy velvet pumpkins

I put a few onto the coffee bar shelving this year and absolutely loved how they looked!

finished diy velvet pumpkins for minimal decor during holiday season

DIY velvet pumpkins during the holiday seasons

DIY velvet pumpkins for holiday decor

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