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How to Make DIY Mini Christmas Wreaths

Learn how to make DIY mini Christmas wreaths! These cute mini wreaths are perfect for ornaments, place settings, and gift wrapping.

The holiday season is here and we are busy getting ready for it. This may be the most relaxed I’ve ever felt at this time of year! I’m still hustling behind the scenes to get projects done, but I’m almost done my Christmas shopping, I have family vacation time scheduled, and I’m loving all of the projects I’m tackling this year.

One the top of that love list? My dollar store DIYs! The dollar store DIYs are always my favourite projects. I love taking cheap-looking or tacky decor, and transforming it into something that looks new and modern.

How to Make Mini Christmas Wreaths

This is the faux wreath that I picked up at the dollar store for a few bucks. I really wanted to make some cute mini wreaths this year, and I thought that cutting up one of these faux wreaths might be the easiest and cheapest route.

The first thing I did was cut all of the twigs or branches off of the main thick wreath. By cutting all of the individual pieces, I knew that I could reassemble them into a bunch of smaller wreaths.

I experimented a bit with some of these guys, they come off in different sizes. If you have long pieces, you can make a wreath work with just four of the twigs, but for the most part, I found that I needed five.

All I did to attach the wreath pieces was twist them together. Since they are wired, they hold their shape after you twist them pretty well.

If you find that they aren’t holding, you can also glue the ends of each piece once they are attached.

Once the wreath is formed, I felt like it looked a bit wild. I wanted to give it a more modern, clean look, so I grabbed some scissors to clean it up.

I cut all off all of the excess pieces on all sides. Top, bottom, sides, and inner circle, and the results were so much nicer!

Our Finished Mini Wreaths

I absolutely love how these mini wreaths turned out. They only took half an hour to make and there are so many great ways to use them! To start I added to to a simple place setting, and to some holiday gift wrap.

Here’s how the mini wreaths look in our Christmas tablescape.

Since the wreaths are round, you could use them as napkin rings too! I’m using them as place settings. I added the little “joy” to the wreath and loved that look.

I also would to make some personalized name tags for my holiday table as well, but if I don’t get to it. I think the individual wreath with a simple green bow looks beautiful as well!

I also added the wreaths to a few of my gifts under the tree and I love the way they look with the gift wrap!

There are so many different ways to style these little wreaths. I just added a velvet bow and some leather cording to mine and it already took my gift wrapping up a notch!

Don’t they look great under the tree?! It’s already starting to feel like Christmas!

Five More Amazing Dollar Store Christmas DIYs

If you liked those mini wreaths, then you’ll love the other five dollar store DIYs that I did for the holidays! All of these projects combined only took me an afternoon to finish.

This round of dollar store DIYs was so much fun to make! I love everything, from the mini Christmas wreaths, to the faux trees, and modern ornaments.

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Thanks Dollar DIYs