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Modern Wooden Ornaments

Beautiful DIY Modern Wooden Tree Ornaments! Quick and easy Christmas ornaments using dollar store supplies!

No Christmas tree is complete without some wooden ornaments, right? And although these guys are stained white, the wood grain shines through! Grab some scrap wood or take a trip to the dollar store and get ready to make your own little modern wooden ornaments.

This project is one of six holiday decorations we made, and it’s a quick and inexpensive DIY that we did along with other dollar store projects to get ready for the holiday season!

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How to Make your Modern Wooden Ornaments

Materials Needed

  • Dollar store kids wooden blocks (with triangular pieces)
  • Dollar store wooden mini blocks
  • Wood glue
  • Painter’s tape
  • White linen stain
  • Ornament string or white leather cording
  • Drill and drill bits

Step-by-step Tutorial for your Modern Wooden Ornaments

To make these modern wooden ornaments, you’ll need some triangular wood pieces. I saw these tall triangle pieces from this set of kids blocks and I thought I could make a really unique tree ornament out of them.

If you have a pile of scrap pine wood and a couple of tools, you can also make these quickly and easily from scraps!

Start by drilling some pilot holes, with a smaller drill bit, into the top of the triangles from your block set. Start drilling at an angle because these triangles are an odd angle, and then when you get a good hole, drill straight down.

Then use a larger drill bit, large enough for the ornament string to pass through, and drill straight down in the same spot.

Grab some little wooden blocks from the dollar store (or again, cut some yourself!).

Now use some wood glue to attach those to the bottom of the triangular pieces.

This will create a modern wooden tree shape for your ornaments. For me, it looks better to attach the wooden blocks a little bit closer to the straighter side, because if you center the squares on the bottom, the tree will look a bit off balance.

Now use some painters tape to tape the square to the tree, just to hold them in place while the glue dries.

Finally, in order to give these trees a wintry feel, stain them with a white linen stain.

Our Finished Modern Wooden Ornaments

I love how these modern wooden ornaments turned out. I think it’s just a modern take on a really traditional ornament.

I love that I can still see the wood grain through them so they can fit that rustic or natural nordic feel, without screaming it and looking old-fashioned.

They’re a nice, minimal design and they really look great on the tree!

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