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DIY Mini Christmas Trees

Love these Modern DIY Mini Christmas Trees! Upgrade dollar store trees and give them some style with this quick DIY tutorial for the holidays!

Modern holiday decor, that is also affordable, is hard to find. Especially in Canada. Everything considered “modern” tends to cost an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, that’s the type of Christmas decor that I’m always looking for, which leaves me the option of spending a lot, or finding a way to make my own, like I did with these DIY Mini Christmas Trees.

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Here are the gold sparkly trees that I started with. They may not look it in the photos, but they are really sparkly. Full of glitter that fell off any time I touched them. Glittery glam is not very “me” and definitely didn’t fit the vibe I was going for this Christmas.

When I decorate, I tend to move away from the more traditional reds and greens (although I always have a touch of those too!), and end up decorating with my favourite colour palette: black, white, green, grey, and wood.

It’s a little bit Scandinavian, a little bit modern, and still incredibly festive! So although you can paint these any colour you want, I opted to stay in my palette!

The first step was to use the side cutters to cut off the ugly round ball at the top of the trees. There is so much glue underneath it, that it isn’t needed, and it doesn’t add anything visually.

The next step is to use the wire brush to brush off all of that extra glitter. You can’t spray paint all of that glitter, but it would just keep falling off, and potentially show the colour underneath.

This step took the longest of everything because there was sooo much glitter, lol. Be careful while you brush because they are just strings going up and down, and they would be easier to break than wire if you were to hit them roughly.

Video Tutorial for these Mini Christmas Trees + Five Other Modern Decor Ideas

This Christmas video about my modern holiday Dollar store DIYs is one of my absolute favourites! I shared how I made these DIY mini Christmas Trees, and also five other modern holiday DIY ideas!

Honestly these holiday DIYs are all things that I will use year after year, and they are all so easy to make! Enjoy the video!

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Our Finished Mini Christmas Trees

Black holiday decor is not for everyone, but to me it looks chic and timeless, and so contemporary! If you don’t like the black you could paint them any colour, but I’m thrilled with how these turned out!

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